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Club (Vereins) structure

The association (Verein) consists of the board, the active and passive members. 


The board has the overview, so to speak - these are the people who ensure that everything in the kindergarten runs like clockwork and they represent the club internally and externally. The individual board members have areas of responsibility based on their personal interests.


The current board consists of:

  • Florance von Gleichen: Chairwoman, Organizational Affairs, Process Management

  • Jasmina Dzajic: Deputy Chairwoman, Organizational Affairs, Admin & communication

  • Martin von Gleichen: Cashier

  • Andreas Schönwälder: IT & communication

  • Bianca Lin-Ully: Human resource


The active members are entitled to vote at the general meeting and any other upcoming decision-making processes. They actively contribute their ideas and ideas, their energy and their commitment in consultation with the board within the framework of projects and working groups. All parents who sign a childcare contract are automatically active members.


The passive members would like to support the parents' association with their (reduced) membership fee of €25/year, but do not want to get actively involved. Passive members are also invited to the general meeting, but they have no voting rights. Parents whose children no longer attend kindergarten can remain in the association as passive members.

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