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Seepferdchengruppe & Oktopusgruppe


We look after your child individually in a family atmosphere - without religious ties. The "Seepferdchengruppe" is a family group (0-6) & the "Oktopusgruppe" is a small children's group (0-3) in which your child is cared for by loving carers. Almost like home.

Singing, laughing, playing, dancing, arguing, looking after each other, noticing each other, experiencing the day together...


As the Lainzerstrasse team, we assume that the children have everything they need to learn. We perceive them as competent people and take their emotions and lives seriously.


Talking to each other and getting to know your own abilities is our top priority.


For us, the urge to exercise is also one of the basic needs that should find a place in our elementary educational institutions.


Our goal is to create a framework with the guardians in which the children can gain resilience and devote themselves joyfully to learning.



How do we implement this?

  • Weekly written documented child observations

  • Creation of a weekly plan that is tailored to the needs of the children and supports them in expanding their curiosity and skills

  • Experience self-efficacy by encouraging children to be independent in conflict resolution but also in everyday situations

  • Project work

  • Children's conferences

  • Weekly gymnastics lesson at the Steinlechnergasse elementary school

  • Depending on the weather, the children from both groups go outside or into the garden at Steinlechnergasse 16, 1130 Vienna

  • Development discussions with families


In our kindergarten, every child is viewed as an independent person who has the right to self-determination. This starts, for example, in the eating situation and extends into conflict resolution.


We try to be open to new ideas and honest in our interactions with each individual child. We are supporters and find a way together with the children. Every child has the necessary potential within them to shape their own life.


We accompany children in their conflicts and confrontations with the environment. It is important to us that they retain their enthusiasm for learning and discovering. This is the only way to ensure a good transition to school and further learning.


Regardless of origin, social background and gender, we support your child in their development. Every child is encouraged to indulge in what moves and fascinates them.

The location of the kindergarten has been around for over 8 years. With its own garden on Steinlechnergasse and near the Schönbrunn Zoo and near playgrounds.


In our kindergarten we attach great importance to the well-being of the children. The high care ratio allows us to have time for individuality.


In addition, valuable food is an important building block for us. Lunch is delivered warm from the children's kitchen. We also try to teach the children an appreciation for food by baking with the children themselves. Fruit and vegetables are 80% organic.

Good cooperation is very important to us as a team. For this reason, we hold a development discussion twice a year in which we discuss the children and their situations. We find these conversations very enriching and, above all, helpful! Only if we work together with the legal guardians and there is trust in this relationship will the work with the children be successful.










In Lainzerstrasse we generally eat pork-free. Our food is delivered fresh every day and consists predominantly of organically grown ingredients.

We assume that your child gets a good foundation for the day at home - a good breakfast. We serve a seasonal breakfast every morning until 8:30 a.m.

Lunch is delivered warm every day, fresh from almost always organically grown ingredients. Every day there is a soup and a main course.

In the afternoon there is a snack - bread with cheese, porridge, curd yoghurt cream... And once a week the children bake fresh bread themselves.

- is always freely available

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