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A day in kindergarten


From 7:00 AM:

The Kindergarten opens and the children of the familygroup (Sammelgruppe) are welcomed. The children have time and space to arrive. The known toys and materials are allowed to be used freely.  

Between 7:30 – 9:00 AM:

The children receive a healthy and nutritionous breakfast, which is presented to the in a buffetstyle and optically pleasing manner for self-service. There is a selection of seasonal fruits and vegetables, as well as bread with butter and spreads, additonal there is Müsli and milk. Children are encouraged to eat breakfast, as long as they please to do so. 


Around 9:00 AM:

All children should now have arrived in the kindergarden. In every group there will be a orientation circle, where children will be welcomed again personally through a welcoming song. Together with the pedagogues they will check on the children who are present and will talk about the children missing. The day will be talked and planned together. Current emotions and sensitivities as well as the current season and the weather will be topic.

The children in need of changing diapers will be changed by the assistant according to the childrens needs. The hygiene is very important, but in this intimate situation, there will be a focus on mindfullness and that the children are well taken care of before and during the act by following: eye contact, conversations, jokes, playful handeling.

Now the children can participate in free, independant play with all the games and materials in the group. There is a special attention payed to the careful handeling of the material and that the material is neatly put away when changing between materials. In the groups there is a retreat area available, accessible at all times.


Parallel to the free play, the pedagogue will offer daily excercises in small groups such as:  Reading stories, creative development, sensorical experiences, experiments and so on. As well as individual language support excercises and playful support for children in the last year of kindergarden. 


In this time there could be some trips, such as a visit to a close playground or a walk to watch nature, or the surrounding in general. Therefor it is important for children to have an extra pair of clothes to change in, they should be prepared to go outside even with "bad weather". The clothes can be put in the wardrobe.

Children can receive some fruits in the morning if the requested by them, there is an availability of water throughout the day and children will be reminded to drink.  


Around 11:30 AM:

Lunch is either delivered warm by a catering company or prepared in the kindergarden. In the kitchen the lunch is served in bowls and will be brought in the group by a serving trolley. Children set there own tables. Children are allowed to engage in the preparations. Every child can be involved in turns. 

After the children washed their hands, they can sit down at any place they prefer. The assistent places the bowls on the table and the children serve themselves.  As soon as the soup is finished the children take their soupbowls, empty them and place them with the spoons on the serving trolley. They can then take the main plates, knives and forks for the main serving. When they are finished eating they can place the empty plates on the serving trolley and engage in free play until all the children are finished with lunch. If there are children in need of support during lunch, padagogues are there to help them. After lunch the assistent bring the dirty plates and bowl in the kitchen. The cleaning will be done by the assistents, as well as children if they like to participate. 

Quite time

Around 12:30:

After lunch there is a quite time, if children like to take some time to sleep or lay down, they can do so on their own mattress with the bedsheets and cushions brought from home. The light will be reduced and it will payed attention to a soothing environment. 


If there are children, who do not want to sleep, they will receive time to relax. A fantasy trip could be done or a book could be read. In consideration for the sleeping children quite activities such as drawing, painting, working on a puzzle or worksheets for children in the last kindergarden year can be offered.  


Around 1:30 PM:

The sleeping children slowly wake up and the children in need of changing diapers will be helped. Children put on their regular clothes and will be reminded to go to the toilett. It is a slow acclimation as a group to get out of the relaxing time of day to a more active daytime. 



Around 2 PM:

The afternoon snacks are prepared and put on the tables. Every child can take a plate and place bread, fruits or vegetables on it. They can take it independently. After they are finished the tables and floors are cleaned.

Following the afternoon snacks there is time for more freeplay. There will be some excercises in small groups, as they had in the morning. 


Children will be picked up one by the other, every child will be receive a personal goodbye. 

5 PM:

The kindergarden closes. This is the latest Pick-Up time. 

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