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Kindergarten group "Oase"
Bilingual family kindergarten group in the heart of Währing

Singing, laughing, playing, dancing, taking care each another, acknowledging each other as individuals with different needs, experiencing the day together...

… in German and English.


What our group offers:

  • Family group with a maximum of 20 children aged between 3 and 6

  • High staff-child ratio

  • Bilingual (German/English) environment

  • Family- and work-friendly opening hours

  • Freshly cooked vegetarian food

  • Own garden, public park just around the corner

At our independent, non-denominational, single-group kindergarten in Vienna’s 18th district, we take care of a maximum of 20 children aged between 3 and 6 in a family environment. We attach great importance to the children’s well-being, and the high staff-child ratio allows us to focus on the individual needs of each child. Another important feature of the kindergarten is the freshly cooked, exclusively vegetarian food, made with high-quality ingredients. We try to instil in the children an appreciation for food by regularly involving them in the cooking process in a playful manner.

The Oase kindergarten premises has existed for more than 20 years and is constantly being redesigned and updated according to the children’s needs. Exercise and fresh air are an important part of our day at the kindergarten, and we regularly spend time outdoors, either in our own garden or in neighbouring Schubertpark.

As a team, we highly value close cooperation with families – after all, these are the people who have the best insight into their children’s emotional world. For this reason, we hold meetings with parents and guardians twice a year to discuss each child’s individual development. These meetings are very enriching and, above all, helpful; this regular exchange and cooperation with parents and guardians, on an equal footing and on the basis of trust, contributes significantly to ensuring that every child has a happy time at kindergarten.

Our philosophy

Children are our top priority. Each and every child is acknowledged and taken seriously as an independent person with the right to self-determination and their own opinion – from what they eat at mealtimes to how they resolve conflicts.


We strive to be open to new ideas. We are honest and respectful in all our interactions with every child and aim to help them discover and develop their potential in a safe environment. Every child is encouraged to focus on what inspires and fascinates them, regardless of their origin, social background or gender.


We work with our children to help them resolve conflicts and deal with the world around them. It is important to us that they retain their enthusiasm for learning and discovery, as this is the only way to ensure a good transition to school and further learning.

Pedagogical concept

We ensure that the children in our kindergarten group have everything they need to learn. We regard them as competent people in their own right and take their emotions and realities seriously.


We place a high priority on talking things through together and getting to know our own individual abilities.


Another essential feature of our approach to early-years education is meeting the basic human need for physical exercise.


We also aim to work with the children’s parents and guardians to build a framework in which the children can develop resilience and truly embrace the joy of learning.

How do we archive this?

  • Weekly documented observations of the children’s behaviour

  • Development of a weekly schedule that is tailored to the children’s needs and nurtures their curiosity and skills

  • Focus on nurturing the children’s belief in themselves to be able to succeed in specific situations, by encouraging them to be independent both in resolving conflicts and in everyday situations

  • Project work

  • Children’s conferences

  • Regular trips (e.g. Schönbrunn Zoo, children's theatre, museums)

  • Weekly gym sessions at a local primary school and trips to the woods (spring-autumn)

  • Development meetings with families

  • Team training​​


We offer our children a morning snack, lunch and an afternoon snack. The menu at the Oase children’s group is exclusively vegetarian. The food is prepared fresh every day and is predominantly organic. Tap water is always freely available.

Opening hours

Monday - Friday 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Our kindergarten is open all year round, with the exception of five days in August, when the team works on planning the year ahead.


The Oase kindergarten group is located in Vienna's 18th district, in a quiet cul-de-sac at the end of Weimarer Straße.


Weimarer Straße 1

1180 Vienna

Phone: +436763661086


There is public parking space for cars outside the kindergarten. The “Martinstraße” tram stop (lines 40 and 41) is approximately 250 metres away and the “Eduardgasse” tram stop (line 42) is around 400 metres away.

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